Dental Board Votes to Allow Arrested Dentist to Keep Practicing

The Arizona dental board rejected calls from Governor Doug Ducey to take stronger action against a dentist facing criminal charges for falsifying his anesthesia credentials.

At a public meeting Friday, board members defiantly called on the Governor’s Office to produce evidence that Dr. Pankaj Goyal presents a danger to the public.

“If there’s anything in his practice that puts the public in immediate harm, I would like them to please come forward,” said Dr. Gregory Waite, board president.

In a unanimous decision, the board voted to allow Goyal to continue practicing dentistry despite a recent arrest for multiple felony charges, including fraudulent schemes and forgery.

It also comes two days after Governor Ducey posted this tweet.

“Enough is enough. How long can this dentist continue practicing while serious allegations remain unanswered? It’s time for the board to suspend this individual’s license and get to the bottom of these issues. The board has an obligation to protect public safety. It’s time to act.”

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