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Dental Practice Threatened After Advising Extra Charge for Unvaxxed

November 8, 2021
by NZ Herald

A Palmerston North dentist has been bombarded with threats – including to burn the practice down – after advising it wants all patients to be vaccinated, and will charge those that aren’t a fee for use of PPE.

Vivian St Dental put up the notice a week ago, and the practice spokeswoman, who only wanted to be identified as “Erin”, says they’ve had several threats since.

The notice says the business will require all adult patients to provide proof of vaccination from December 1 and that “unvaccinated patients may be seen at the last appointment of the day with full PPE gear, only for emergencies and will be charged accordingly an extra fee.”

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2 Comments » for Dental Practice Threatened After Advising Extra Charge for Unvaxxed
  1. June smith says:

    PPE has been required since 1980’s because of HIV/AIDS. This information is personal medical information. This dds is looking to reduce his patient flow and increase his prices for Jabbed patients. Makes no sense. He may go out of business. In the 80’s doctors tried to increase fees because of PPE and it didn’t work. Patients went to doctors that didn’t have bigger fees. This is the price of doing business.
    It’s the manufacturers that are sucking everyone dry that’s your government. Talk to the dental lobbyists.

  2. LOLGouging says:

    Nice one June….Price of doing business LOL… Everyone’s concept of what a dentist does during COVID and his fees are so far out of whack I do not know where to begin..
    Right off the back Dentists are risking their lives with their face directly in a mouth not to mention the aerosols lingering in the air.
    I am a DSO which means I back up and financially support dental offices. My company to keep the staff employed pays approximately out of pocket about $150 for each patient that walks in the door.
    COVID…. Dentists’ PPE has more than quadrupled in price, in addition, they are changing outfits masks, and gloves constantly between each patient, full room sanitization takes place between each patient, patients are spaced one hour apart in every other room and a room is left empty after a patient for a one-hour sanitization soak. Insurance companies short-change the dental offices constantly and literally are paying pennies for service and denying most claims after the patient has been serviced for no legitimate reason with the hungry bird getting the worm method to reduce payouts, only a threat to the Department of Insurance gets a minuscule payout.
    Patients during COVID will schedule an entire one-hour slot which is how the dentists keep the patients and staff safe by preventing too many people in the office at the same time further reducing income. To make it worse many patients book confirm the one-hour time slots and then do not turn up. Approximately 3-4 out of 5 do not turn up, the staff still have to be paid to stand around no recourse to the patient. Many patients discovered to be sick from temperature checks lie about their health to be seen further risking the doctor and staff. Spot check covid tests on patients with questionable high temperatures coming into the office show positive. Of course the patient just to be seen claims they are fine. More risk if we did not check.
    Do you really think $10 towards PPE is gouging or should all dental offices just shut down and let patients carry on in pain? The small pittance for your safety is not gouging it is literally because the dental office is not being paid enough to cover its PPE costs during COVID… There is no profit dentists and dental companies are open purely to maintain the staff keep the practice from shutting down and provide a service to patients.
    HMO pays dental companies a $1.50 to see a patient and that is to cover cleaning, xrays, consultations twice a year, medi-cal is simply a joke a dentist would make more money and be safer cleaning dishes at a restaurant, delta dental sends it dentist insurance checks directly to the patients who keep them as a windfall, then the dental office has to deal with Workmans Comp, Contents Insurance, Rent, Licensing, Taxes, Corporation licensing and taxes, and a plethora of other fees. None of the insurance companies cover additional required PPE but all want the dentists to increase safety.
    So no during COVID stating that is the cost of doing business could not be further from the reality of what goes on in a dental office and dentists who are at the front line in the mouth ground zero for catching COVID..
    If $10 is too much stay away from dental offices.

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