Dental Recall Solution Specialist, Recall System Pro, Changes Name to RecallMax™

Recall System Pro, one of Canada’s leading providers of recall software solutions for the dental industry, has changed its name to RecallMax™, as part of a strategic rebranding effort.  The founder of the cloud-based software technology, Ron Barsotti, President and CEO created the application after working with practices as a dental consultant for over 25 years.  The software was released to market in 2014, and since then, it has become one of the fastest growing dental software company’s in Canada.

According to Karl Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Business Development, the rebranding (which includes a new logo and enhanced website) aligns with the company’s international marketing strategy as it prepares to launch its solution south of the border.

For customers it will be business as usual. RecallMax’s integrated recall solution is being used in over 1,300 Canadian dental practices and is providing recall to over 4 million patients.  Its clients include solo dentists and group practices, as well as two of the nation’s top DSOs.

“In the dental business, we know that cosmetics and brand presence matter,” Karl states.  “As we expand, we want to be able to tell the story of our industry-leading software and proven best practices in recall in the most compelling and engaging way possible.”

“We actually chose to subtly integrate an elephant into our new logo. Not due to an inflated sense of ego, but because elephants never forget!  With RecallMax, practices will never forget patients in recall limbo again,” Karl says.

The new website reflects this same lighthearted approach, where RecallMax does not take itself too seriously – despite the serious benefits to those who use its system.

“Recall is a dental practice’s biggest challenge, but also its biggest opportunity for growth. Practices that have implemented RecallMax realize a 15% to 20% increase in revenues with day to day use which is not only substantial, but also sustainable.”

“That’s something we’re proud to trumpet about.”