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Dental School Graduate Walks Straight Into Owning Dental Practice

September 13, 2016
by Deborah Neyens, The Gazette

Upon their graduation from dental school in June, most of Amy Scallon’s classmates went to work as employees in existing dental practices.

Not Scallon. Instead, she became her own boss.

On Aug. 1, the newly minted dentist purchased Palisades Family Dental in Mount Vernon from Dr. Douglas Easker, who retired.

“It’s not something I ever really considered,” said Scallon of her decision to go out on her own right out of dental school. “I always thought I would go the traditional route.”

But those plans began to change in October last year, when Scallon met Easker through a career fair at the University of Iowa, where she was in her final year of dental school.

“Talking to him made me realize it was doable to start out with my own practice,” Scallon said. “He instilled confidence in me.”

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