Dental Whale Launches Industry-Changing Technology at CDS 155th Midwinter Meeting

ORCA Simplifies Daily Processes for Dentists, Features Include AI-Powered Patient Intent and Production Tools

Dental Whale, the nation’s leading provider of dental solutions and education, today unveiled ORCA, a revolutionary intelligence-backed software, among more than 650 exhibiting companies at the Chicago Dental Society’s 155th Midwinter Meeting. Attendees can witness first-hand how ORCA places dentists in full control of their practice by streamlining access to essential business and marketing services, masterclass training, equipment logistics, sales and data intelligence at the Dental Whale booth (#4836).

ORCA gives dental practices instant access to marketing campaigns, progress reports and a wealth of data in order to spend more valuable face-to-face time with patients. A major feature is ORCA’s artificial intelligence (AI) call analysis capability, which streamlines the way dental practices around the world operate. This technology has been implemented in a manner never seen before in the industry by utilizing AI to measure intent and potential production opportunities for dental practices around the world.

“Dental Whale leverages both technology and intelligence to simplify the business and enhance the production of dental practices. ORCA makes it easier than ever for dentists to grow, manage, and optimize their business using a simple dashboard,” said entrepreneur and Dental Whale Leader David Lopez. “Plus, we’re taking unprecedented leaps and bounds by pairing groundbreaking AI technology with IBM Watson, Google AI and Amazon Alexa to yield quantifiable results. ORCA energizes the entrepreneurial spirit of dental practices in a way this industry has never seen.”

ORCA’s call analysis capability leverages the IBM Watson technology to extract valuable caller intent from incoming patient calls, not only optimize marketing efforts in real-time, but assign production values to patient needs in order to help provide more actionable insight. By extracting data about a caller and the call itself, the ORCA platform provides key metrics that uncover potential production opportunities for the practice, providing leads to fill a dentist’s schedule with the most profitable procedures.

More importantly, a mechanism is now available to calculate a practice’s total actual potential production value. When compared to their true production value, the missed opportunity can be quantified and identified.

“This new technology allows private practice doctors to stay in private practice as our proprietary, data-driven software collects critical information that delivers actionable insights, valuable recommendations and unparalleled practice visibility,” stated Dental Whale Services Leader Joe Cavaretta. “At the same time, group practices now have access to technology that they would not be able to acquire on their own. They are also now able to scale to the levels they desire,” Cavaretta added. “The AI in ORCA is unlimited, which means we can handle any size customer in the dental industry.”

Bringing together some of the industry’s most innovative companies, the CDS Midwinter Meeting is a popular launch venue for new products and services in dentistry. It is also an exclusive opportunity for members of the dental community to network with colleagues and other professionals.

“ORCA simplifies the way dentists manage their practice,” explained Dental Whale Education Leader Dr. Scott Leune. “Whether you’re scheduling an appointment for equipment repair, managing your online reputation, or providing additional insurance verification backup, you can do it all from one central location without the difficulty of logging into numerous different accounts.”

Dental Whale is the go-to provider of choice for private dentists and DSOs seeking innovative solutions and education to optimize their businesses and learn more about dental entrepreneurship. The company helps dentists operate and manage dental practices more efficiently by saving money on purchases, attracting new patients, increasing production, expanding through acquisitions, enhancing patient experience and improving office efficiency.

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About Dental Whale

Dental Whale is the nation’s leading provider of dental solutions and education. With offices in Texas and Florida, Dental Whale has a suite of subsidiary solutions that support the success of private practices and DSOs. The company’s mission is to empower dentists by giving them the tools they need to start, grow, and manage their business. At the end of 2019, Dental Whale supported more than 18,000 dentists and helped serve more than 4 million patients.

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