dentalcorp, Dentist Partners Offer Support to Core Dental Group Patients and Staff

dentalcorp, Canada’s leading network of dental practices, announced today it would be opening its doors to patients and staff left stranded after a series of Core Dental Group clinics in Edmonton suddenly shut down.

These recent closures have had a significant impact on former patients and staff, with patients unsure of where they will continue treatment and employees unexpectedly out of work ahead of the holidays.

dentalcorp practices are offering to continue care for Core Dental Group patients who are in the middle of their course of treatment. dentalcorp and its dentist partners will not charge patients for their services to complete their treatment. Practices are also warmly welcoming all new patients and emergency patients at their 6 locations across the city.

In addition, dentalcorp’s dentist Partners are offering Core Dental Group Associates the opportunity to continue practicing out of one of their locations.

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