Dentist Plans to Open ‘Affordable’ Clinic in Regina

Lots of people avoid going to the dentist. For some, it’s to avoid a potentially painful procedure but for many it’s because of the cost. Without insurance, the cost of procedures can quickly exceed $1,000.

Regina dentist Blake Mitchell is hoping to offer a more affordable option with a new clinic he’ll be opening, Simpli Dental.

In an effort to reduce costs, Mitchell will be cutting some overhead. He’ll be encouraging patients to book appointments online, and once they come in they won’t be greeted by a receptionist. Instead, there will be a station to check in, and then they will be brought in for their appointment.

“Realistically what we’re trying to do is we’re really trying to automate the systems and the processes behind the dental practice,” Mitchell explained.

“What we’re really trying to do and what the challenge will be is to make sure the quality of patient care remains the same.”

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