Dentists are Impressed with the VivaScan Intraoral Scanner for Digital Impression-taking


Since the global market launch of Ivoclar’s new VivaScan a few months ago and its uptake in dental practices, many dentists have now reviewed their first experiences with the scanner and their conclusions so far have been overwhelmingly positive. Along with the intuitive operation, accurate scanning results and smooth integration into existing routines, they frequently praised the time savings that digital impression-taking offered them compared to conventional impressions. Digitalization of this step means that the captured scan data can be quickly and safely transmitted to the lab partner for further processing via the integrated software solution. The all-in-one solution has been well received around the world.

VivaScan’s ease of use has left a strong impression on Dr Gillian Alexander, dentist in Buffalo, New York (USA). She has nothing but positive things to say about the new intraoral scanner: “Right from the start, I knew I’d like the VivaScan. Set-up was a breeze, the two tip sizes make it very comfortable for patients, and the two-button function allows me to advance to the next page without having to de-glove or use barriers,” the dentist reported. The accuracy of the VivaScan is impressive all along the line. “Restorations require little to no adjustments! There is no doubt the scanner will make a great addition to my practice!” she concluded.

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