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Dentists are the Forgotten Health Providers During COVID-19

November 10, 2020
by Tala Maragha and Mario Brondani, Quoi Media

In the ‘before times,’ as people are now calling the period before COVID-19, dentists were already managing a highly demanding profession with significant mental health stressors.  In fact, dentists have one of the highest rates of depression and suicide amongst health workers.  The rate of suicide among dentists in the United States is twice that of the general population and three times higher than other healthcare professions.

Now, with COVID-19, dentists are largely forgotten in the panoply of health providers working during the pandemic.  They’ve been forgotten as both business owners with a high overhead to maintain their practices and safeguard their staff, and as front-line workers, who do essential and potentially life-endangering work requiring personal protective equipment (PPE).

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