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Dentists Happily Drill Their Way to Top Spot on Job Index

September 8, 2021
by Bill Brownstein, Montreal Gazette

“That’s absolutely shocking! I’m at a loss for words.”

Such was the reaction of my dentist’s wife/assistant Suzanne — who is rarely at a loss for words — on being told that her husband’s profession was deemed top of the heap on a happiness index in a new survey conducted by the Léger polling people for Le Journal de Montréal.

Her shock is understandable. Thanks to the pandemic, he now spends his workdays on what could pass for the set of the sci-fi B-movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. He is attired in hazmat gear, with a double mask over his mouth and nose plus a face guard and alien-looking goggles. And he is surrounded by larger Plexiglas shields while digging into the abscesses of howling patients, as he pleads with them to floss more to avoid further drilling incursions and more root canals and even more costly implants. And all this while contending with aching arms, neck and knees.

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