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Dentists are Still Divided on the Role of Dental Therapists

February 16, 2017
by Bob Salsberg, The Associated Press

Need a tooth pulled or a cavity filled? Forget the dentist. A number of states are allowing or considering letting “dental therapists,” professionals with a lower level of training, do the job.

In dozens of countries and a handful of U.S. states, dental therapists also sometimes called advanced dental hygiene practitioners help fill gaps in access to oral care for low-income, elderly and disabled people, and in rural areas where few dentists practice, according to many public health advocates.

In Massachusetts, a group that lobbies on behalf of dentists has for the first time signalled a willingness to embrace the concept, though its proposal is viewed as unnecessarily restrictive by sponsors of a competing bill in the Legislature.

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Dental therapists have been popping up in the news more often: Dental Therapists are Being Suggested to Fill the Gap in Dental Care

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2 Comments » for Dentists are Still Divided on the Role of Dental Therapists
  1. bill steil says:

    Denture Therapists who make dentures and partial should be allowed to work in the states.They provide proper dentures with proper bites long term no implants needed if dentures are made properly the first time.

  2. bill steil says:

    The first set of dentures are the most important a proper bite puts all the muscles and jaw relation in perfect alignment.At this point their will be no destructive forces to destroy the bone structures . Centric relation is a must or in other terms a proper bite.The majority of people who wear dentures have incorrect bites and will need implants do to improper denture bites.

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