Dentsply Sirona Initiates Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN)

Dentsply Sirona Lab, with its dedicated focus on dental technology, held its first ever GLEN meeting from July 9th-11th in Frankfurt, Germany to offer the possibility for networking and exchange between lab experts. Around 50 Key Opinion Leaders from almost 20 different countries came together for this peer-to-peer exchange to discuss current topics as well as future trends of dental technology and dentistry in workshops and interactive sessions.

Dentsply Sirona Lab is committed to offering the opportunity to establish a network with experts across all lab-related areas and enable the exchange between peers in every field of expertise. For this purpose the Global Lab Experts Network (GLEN) has been initiated by the company’s Clinical Affairs team. To kick off this program, dental technicians, dentists and lab owners from all over the world came to Germany. The attendees from all five continents participated in a comprehensive 2-days program with varied general and breakout sessions and the possibility for a professional exchange with peers and colleagues. One main focus was also the importance of a successful teamwork between dental technician and dentist.

“Dentsply Sirona has the intention of organizing this kind of GLEN meeting every two years, establishing a network of experts across all lab-related areas”, said Tom Leonardi, Group Vice President at Dentsply Sirona Lab. “The atmosphere at the premiere edition was great, bringing together industry experts from all over the world for the very first time. These types of meetings facilitate exactly the required regular update on products and techniques for lab experts.” Indeed, the Dentsply Sirona Academy educates approximately 350,000 dental professionals every year across an extensive range of clinical, technical and practice excellence programs.

Exciting encounters, networking and high-level learnings
The meeting was kicked off with a relaxed dinner that offered the perfect possibility for networking in a beautiful ambiance. The next day started with an exclusive tour through Dentsply Sirona’s Bensheim and Hanau production facilities, where participants were able to experience first-hand how the products for the labs are manufactured, from fixed traditional and CAD/CAM materials to equipment and technology. This interesting excursion was subsequently followed by a welcome speech from Dentsply Sirona’s Senior Vice President Technologies and Equipment Segment, Dominique Legros, and a lecture by Dentsply Sirona’s Chief Clinical Education Officer Dr. Terri Dolan, who pointed out the importance of continuing education “We have built the broadest education platform in the industry, helping dental professionals get the knowledge, skills, inspiration and certification they need to stay up-to-date as well as develop themselves and their businesses.”

Tom Leonardi completed the General Session by emphasizing the passion of the whole team to support dental technicians to develop themselves and to be prepared for the future- by embracing traditional technologies as well as laying the foundation for digital steps.

The last day included amongst others a panel discussion on Digital Impression, its opportunities and limitations. Four experts from Europe and North America shared their experiences with the audience, based on their expertise as a dentist or dental technician. They explored the current status, strength and weaknesses, and provided an outlook into the future.

After lunch the groups were invited to join breakout sessions, featuring current state and future developments of digital dentures, ceramics like Celtra Press and Cercon, traditional and digital workflows for full dentures as well as implant-retained dentures- a key topic for Dentsply Sirona, as this attracts increasing attention in the dental industry. At the end of the GLEN-meeting participants were overwhelmed by impressions, by the vivid exchange of ideas and they appreciated the opportunity to establish new contacts with peers from all over the world. Many of them were already eager to meet again in 2 years for the next GLEN-meeting and use the time in between to expand their global network and work on the future of dental technology together.

As a strong partner for dental labs the new Lab SBU emphasized again how Dentsply Sirona has increased its commitment to dental labs. The GLEN program is yet another initiative to further cement the company’s determination to further expand the broadest clinical educational platform in the industry and to continue to develop new materials, procedures and technologies that can improve dental care delivery. And by working closely together with labs and dental technicians, Dentsply Sirona drives forward its focused development of innovative products for better, safer and faster lab workflows.