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Discover the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master & VoiceWorks at the Oral Science JDIQ Booth

September 24, 2021
by Oral Science

Oral Science invites all Dental Professionals to its Les Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ) booth (#617) to discover 5 new innovations to enhance patients’ satisfaction and the return on investment of dental hygiene departments.

#1 NEW – EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master & Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Our GBT trainer Natacha Barbeau (RDH) will do live demonstrations of this unique technology. She will be supported by our team of GBT Integration Specialists who will present you how Oral Science is the optimal choice to integrate effectively GBT and an EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.

#2 NEW – VoiceWorks: Voice-Controlled Periodontal Charting

Our VoiceWorks expert Nagia Tamkin (RDH) will do live demonstrations and present you all the benefits for your dental hygiene department.

#3 Curaprox Velvet Toothbrush: The Softest in the World

The CS 12460 velvet is the result of taking the best design elements from the CS 5460 toothbrush and refining them to utmost perfection. What distinguishes the CS 12460 velvet is that its brush head holds 12,460 ultra-soft, ultra-fine Curen® filaments, creating a highly efficient cleaning surface like no other.

Samples available in limited quantities!

#4 X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus: New Study from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto

Learn about this new study stating X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus is a preventative, non-prescription mouthrinse, providing therapeutic benefits, and should be recognized for its potential use in-office as an effective Pre-Procedural Mouthrinse (PPMR), and recommended by today’s dental professional for oral self-care.

Also, further research conducted it compared favorably to a prescription rinse containing 0.12% chlorhexidine for their ability to kill and/or inhibit several oral pathogens, including:

Samples available!

#5 X-PUR Cari0: New Clinical Observations on Periodontal Disease

Dr. Jacques Véronneau, the creator of X-PUR Cari0, will be available at our booth to discuss his most recent clinical observations showing his toothpaste could offer clinical benefits against periodontal disease pathogens.

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