Doctors Find Tooth Growing Inside a Patient’s Nose

A 38-year-old male patient complaining of difficulty breathing through one of his nostrils for several years was found to have an ectopic tooth growing in his nose. In their paper published in The New England Journal of Medicine physicians Sagar Khanna and Michael Turner describe how the tooth was identified and what they did to fix the problem.

Reports of ectopic body parts are extremely rare. They are defined as body parts growing in places where they normally do not grow. The most common type of ectopic growth involves teeth. And in most cases of ectopic tooth development, a canine is involved. Typically, it grows in the wrong direction in the upper jaw. In this new case, the doctors first found a deviated septum along with calcified septal spurs. After taking a closer look during rhinoscopy, in which a camera is introduced into a nostril, the doctors found what they described as a white object protruding from the wall of the right nostril.

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