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Don’t Tell Your Patients To Stop Flossing Yet, CDA Says

August 3, 2016
by Sheryl Ubelacker, CTV News Kitchener

There may be sparse evidence in the medical literature that flossing helps prevent cavities and gum disease, but the Canadian Dental Association says that, for dentists, the proof is in a patient’s mouth.

The Associated Press looked at the most rigorous research over the past decade and found the evidence of flossing having benefit was “weak, very unreliable,” and the studies were of “very low” quality. “The majority of available studies fail to demonstrate that flossing is generally effective in plaque removal,” a 2015 review said.

But Dr. Larry Levin, president-elect of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), maintains that patients who follow a daily routine of flossing, brushing and using other plaque-removing devices have better overall oral health than those who don’t.

To view the full story, please visit: http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/canadian-dental-group-says-flossing-good-despite-lack-of-proof-of-benefits-1.3012159

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