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Drill-free Fillings? Researcher Says Antimicrobial Resin Could Lead to ‘More Positive’ Patient Experience

March 1, 2022
by Rachel Boutet, U of T

Hetal Desai’s PhD research project will be welcome news to those who dislike having cavities filled.

The second-year PhD student in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry is exploring a method to repair cavities without the need for a drill – typically used to remove decay from a tooth – by developing a low-viscosity resin with antimicrobial properties that would restore early carious lesions.

While there is currently a low-viscosity resin available that, when applied to the tooth’s surface, acts like a barrier to prevent further damage, the material doesn’t have antimicrobial properties. So, Desai hopes to use drug-loaded nanoparticles to levy antimicrobial properties onto this resin.

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