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Emerging Dangers Of Vaping Highlight Need For Caution And Good Oral Hygiene

August 14, 2019
by A-Z Dental Care

July 11 article on CNET warns about the potential ill effects that e-cigarette use may have on oral health, particularly among teens. The article is quick to note that many of the studies that have been conducted on the relationship between dental health and e-cigarette use are still preliminary, but the increasingly valid hypothesis is that e-cigarettes are perhaps roughly as detrimental to oral health and hygiene as traditional cigarettes. West Covina-based dental office A-Z Dental Care says that given the relationship between other nicotine and tobacco products and oral health, it is hardly a stretch to assume that there are at least minor negative consequences for e-cigarette use.

A-Z Dental Care adds that traditional cigarette use has long been proven to directly or indirectly contribute to a number of serious oral health concerns, such as teeth discoloring, excessive plaque buildup, gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and more. The clinic notes that, while all the evidence may not necessarily be in, assuming there are no consequences for e-cigarettes use is overly optimistic at best, and outright reckless at worst.

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