Employees of Closed FLOSS Dental Location Say They Haven’t Been Paid

Former employees of Dr. Clint Herzog say they haven’t seen a paycheck after the FLOSS Dental on Brodie Lane closed.

Latisha Hines says Dr. Clint Herzog owes her money, more than a thousand dollars. The dental assistant used to work at FLOSS Dental but says she walked out when the paychecks stopped.

“I’m mad. If it wasn’t for the doctor I work for now, I’d still be in the same position. Still trying to get my check. Still trying to work at FLOSS,” said Hines.

She’s not alone. KXAN dug through court records across the country and found investors took him to court in New York.

There, a judge ordered Herzog to pay more than $100,000. A similar lawsuit in Texas has investors suing for half a million dollars after FLOSS locations closed with little notice.

State records show he surrendered his dental license two years ago.

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