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Enjoy A Sure Shot Every Time With The New Schick AE Intraoral Sensor From Dentsply Sirona

October 6, 2019
by Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is once again setting the standard for modern intraoral imaging with the new X-ray sensor. This addition to the integrated product portfolio offers a unique combination of outstanding image quality, security of investment, diagnostic support and greater independence from suboptimal exposure settings, all of which promotes clinical confidence.


Schick AE will be available in three sizes and in combination with various cable lengths.

Digital intraoral X-rays offer numerous advantages for the dental practice – the image data can be processed with filters in terms of sharpness, brightness and contrast to make anatomical structures visible that are difficult to recognize. The handling of the digital X-ray images is also considerably easier. Images are immediately available with just the click of a mouse and do not have to be archived in a separate room and retrieved during subsequent patient visits.

With Schick AE, Dentsply Sirona is launching a new generation of intraoral sensors with multiple technological improvements and optimizations. The new Advanced Exposure technology combines market-leading image quality with advances in filtering enhancements and a broadened exposure spectrum, granting a solid base for safe diagnostics, even in lower X-ray dose ranges.

“A healthy smile begins with a clear, dependable image,” said Director of Equipment and Technology Javid Tokhi, “and our leading technologies, like Schick AE, empower dental professionals to feel confident in their diagnosis and treatment, ultimately leading to a healthy and successful dental practice.”


The new USB 3 interface with its protected plug connectors allows for optimized data transfer and safe use in daily practice.

A sure shot. Every time.

Schick AE has been optimally designed for quality based on years of proven innovation using dedicated research and experience to drive success.

The introduction of new advanced image processing algorithms supplement the proven theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm to an even clearer diagnosable image output. Additional details become visible at first sight and previously under and overexposed image areas are considerably reduced. Even fluctuations in radiation or suboptimal exposure settings are successfully counterbalanced. X-rays are instantly available for diagnosis as the result of an accelerated read-out and improved data transfer via the new USB 3 interface.

Last but not least, the award-winning imaging software, Sidexis 4, facilitates the storage and accessibility of the captured images and patient data. This helps to ensure accurate diagnosis and assessment of treatment. Due to its networking capability, the software connects and manages all of the steps relevant to treatment, and thanks to its comprehensive features, is an excellent tool for the respective needs of a dental practice. Schick AE is compatible with Sidexis version 4.3 and higher.

Jörg Haist, Vice President Platform Management Equipment and Instruments commented, “We are very proud to offer dental professionals around the world an outstanding new intraoral sensor solution. The Schick AE technology is built on years of experience, innovation and expert engineering from former Schick Technologies, Inc., which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first Schick intraoral sensor launch this year.”

About Dentsply Sirona

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