EQUIA Forte® HT: Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative

GC America Inc. is excited to announce the launch of an innovative bulk fill glass hybrid restorative, EQUIA Forte® HT, on September 1st, 2019 in US and Canada. Building on the success of EQUIA Forte®, this strong and esthetic restorative system combines an improved restorative formulation – EQUIA Forte® HT fil with a resin coat – EQUIA Forte® Coat in a new bottle.

Below are the key features and benefits:

• Improved translucency and physical properties for esthetic, strong restorations

• Optimal marginal seal for long-term resistance to microleakage

• High fluoride release at tooth-restorative interface

• A new flip-top Coat bottle providing ergonomics and minimizing waste

• Ideal restorative treatment for high-risk caries, pediatric and elderly patients

For more information on GC America and its complete product line, please visit www.gcamerica.com.

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