G-ænial® Universal Injectable from GC Will Transform Way You Work

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a very versatile and user-friendly composite, because of some unique features. It is highly filled and is stronger than many paste composites. Thanks to its injectable and highly thixotropic viscosity, it adapts very well to the cavity walls and margins and fills any void or undercut – but is also able to keep its shape during placement. It can be used for all cavity classes as it is strong enough for posterior restorations (without capping!), and displays optimal aesthetics for the anterior area.

A lot of thought has been put into the handling of this unique composite. GC R&D developed the new FSC (Full-coverage Silane Coating) technology to improve the coupling between the fillers and the matrix. You’ll be amazed at how it is injectable and shapeable all at the same time. It adapts perfectly to the cavity floor, but lets you build, shape and contour while you are injecting – because G-ænial® Universal Injectable doesn’t slump.

Because G-ænial Universal Injectable has a flexural strength and wear that are comparable to conventional paste composites, expanded indications are possible. Its high thixotropy enables it to keep its shape or to spread on the tooth surface depending on the constraint applied on the material. That is why it can be used for many applications with

simplified techniques, saving precious time. It is indicated for all restorations classes, from Class I to Class V in a very easy way; but also to build margins or to restore occlusal surfaces, cusp by cusp. Because it is so wear resistant, it is particularly interesting for the direct restoration of worn tooth surfaces. GC’s new silicone EXACLEAR has the perfect transparency and stiffness to be used with G-ænial Universal Injectable for the injection moulding technique.

On top of these handling advantages, this composite also offers great aesthetic possibilities with 16 beautiful shades including opaque & enamel shades. The ultra-fine barium particles with a very homogeneous dispersion also help to achieve a great gloss retention in time for a long-lasting shine – and a high radiopacity of 252% for an easy follow-up of your restorations.

In a nutshell, G-ænial Universal Injectable offers you easier restorative options, without having to compromise on durability or aesthetics. Try it for yourself and you will never look back! For more information, please visit: http://www.gcamerica.com/products/operatory/G-aenial-Universal-Injectable/index.php