GC EQUIA Forte® – Interim Results from Complex Clinical Trial Illustrate Restorative Success

The Glass Hybrid technology represents the next big leap in restorative dentistry. EQUIA Forte® follows the hugely successful EQUIA® restorative system which was launched in 2007. A long-term multicenter study was initiated in 2015 to assess the clinical performance of EQUIA Forte® compared to a nanohybrid composite resin (Tetric EvoCeram®, Ivoclar Vivadent) in medium to large Class II restorations.

Currently, a long-term, split-mouth, randomized multicenter clinical trial is being performed in four countries. The investigation teams are respectively led by Prof. Ivana Miletić (Croatia), Prof. Matteo Basso (Italy), Prof. Dejan Marković (Serbia), and Prof. Lezize Sebnem Turkun (Turkey). The size and complexity of the study brought many challenges; such as cultural and regulatory differences, large number of patients and restorations, monitoring and evaluation process, and compliance with the highest methodological standards.

Achieving a significant sample size is another challenge in split-mouth design studies. Therefore, recruiting a high number of patients while maintaining strict inclusion/exclusion criteria was highly prioritized from the beginning of the trial.

With 180 patients and 360 restorations, the study generated big data. These were not only documented with numeric data but also with impressions, models, scans and pictures. All the data was anonymized and stored in a central database for evaluation and statistical analysis.

Prevailing all complexities, the investigation teams demonstrated not only their expertise by publishing the 2-year results in The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry but also their scientific commitment by continued follow up of the study in its fourth year. The next goal for the investigators is to create a model to measure the wear of the restorations over the time.

The EQUIA® restorative system has over a decade of solid clinical evidence. The recent clinical performance demonstrated by EQUIA Forte® compared to a nanohybrid composite resin further confirms that the EQUIA® restorative system is a reliable, long-term restorative for clinicians.

For more study information, please visit: https://jad.quintessenz.de/index.php?doc=abstract&abstractID=44547 https://europe.gc.dental/sites/europe.gc.dental/files/products/downloads/equiaforte/reference/REF_Scientific_Sheet_EQUIA_family.pdf

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