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Glidewell Expands and Renames Newport Biologics Bone Grafting Solutions as Newport Surgical

February 4, 2020
by Glidewell

After adding instruments, blades and sutures, the dental company now offers a simplified set of all the instruments and materials needed for a majority of bone grafting applications.

The brand formerly known as Newport Biologicshas been renamed Newport Surgical to reflect the addition of instruments, blades and sutures to its portfolio of straightforward bone grafting solutions. Established in 2016 by Glidewell as a simplified collection of high-quality regenerative materials and resorbable membranes, the Newport Surgical family of products now includes everything clinicians need for the most common bone grafting applications, including socket regeneration, ridge augmentation, sinus floor elevation, periodontal reconstruction and peri-implant management.

While the brand’s name has changed, its mission remains the same: to offer dentists a simplified buying experience, unparalleled value, and the confidence to efficiently and reliably perform bone grafting procedures. Glidewell Vice President of Clinical Affairs Dr. Neil Park views the new additions as a natural evolution of the product line. “From the beginning, we’ve wanted to make it easy for dentists to decide which tools and materials they need for each situation,” said Dr. Park, who originally conceived Newport Surgical. “Our tools and materials are clearly defined by indication, and the expansion of our product line means that clinicians can enjoy that same simplicity when buying and utilizing surgical instruments and sutures.”

Made from high-quality, German steel, the Newport Surgical Implant and Bone Grafting Instrument Kit assembles the 12 primary instruments needed for bone grafting in the dental practice. The streamlined set includes a large sterilization tray, bone carrier and spoon, 2/4 molt curette, sinus curette, serrated curette, Adson forceps with serrated tips, Crile needle holder, Goldman-Fox one-blade serrated scissors, scalpel handle No. 3 round, Seldin retractor, Oringer mouth retractor, and bone dish.

In addition, clinicians looking to complete their surgical armamentarium can find blades and sutures through Newport Surgical. Available in size #15, GLASSVAN® Surgical Blades feature newly refined cutting edges that improve the sharpness of the incision and reduce drag. RELI® PRO Sutures are resorbable, quick and simple to access without knots or tangles, and available in polyglycolic acid (PGA) and chromic gut with a 3/8 reverse cutting needle.

Brian Volken, director of implant business development at Glidewell, considers the line expansion a key component of the Glidewell Implant Solutions family of products and services. “Our goal is to help clinicians simplify every aspect of treatment, from implant placement to final restoration,” said Volken. “Bone grafting is an essential element of surgical implant procedures, and with growing numbers of practices providing this service for their patients, we aim to take the complexity out of attaining the tools and materials dentists need to succeed.”

For the full array of Newport Surgical instruments and materials, visit glidewelldental.com/newportsurgical or call 888-303-3975. To learn more about Glidewell’s comprehensive implant and restorative solutions, visit glidewelldental.com or call 800-839-9755.

About Glidewell

Glidewell is among the world’s largest providers of custom restorative services and is recognized as an industry-leading materials and devices manufacturer. Established in 1970 in Orange County, California, Glidewell continues to build on its storied history of technological innovation, continuing education and a commitment to making comprehensive, high-quality treatment more accessible to patients in the U.S. and internationally.

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