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Grandio® disc: Nano-Ceramic Hybrid CAD/CAM Disc

January 25, 2019

Grandio disc is VOCO’s 86% filled Nano-ceramic Hybrid CAD/CAM Disc indicated for crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, and implant supported crowns. Based on the same Nano-ceramic Hybrid CAD/CAM technology as VOCO’s Grandio blocs, Grandio discs offer the same combination of optimal tooth-like physical properties, category-leading compressive strength, extremely low water absorption, and natural esthetics with enhanced color stability.  This provides high-quality solutions for both practitioners and labs that are looking to streamline their CAD/CAM processes.

Grandio discs’ extremely high filler degree offers physical properties—such as modulus of elasticity and thermocycling— that mimic human dentition. This enables them to be antagonistically friendly while providing enhanced marginal integrity and overall longevity.

Grandio discs can be more finely milled and achieve an even greater accuracy of fit due to their unique Nano-ceramic Hybrid composition. This also provides excellent polishability and esthetics comparable to pure ceramic CAD/CAM discs or blocks.  Due to Grandio discs’ composition, the firing process is eliminated, allowing dentists to offer a complete restoration in just one session. Furthermore, Grandio discs simplify polishing and characterization, and allow for straightforward intraoral repairs. Grandio discs are processed by standard milling devices and are available in four shades and two translucencies.

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