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GrandioSO Light Flow: The Super Flowable Nano-Hybrid Composite for Special Occasions

October 1, 2020

VOCO is proud to present GrandioSO Light Flow, the low viscosity nano-hybrid flowable composite for special occasions. Due to VOCO’s proprietary designer nano-technology, GrandioSO Light Flow has the filler degree of a universal composite on one hand, and an extremely flowable viscosity on the other that allows for targeted and precise applications using an ultra-fine intraoral tip—even finer than a periodontal probe.

With a filler content of 76% by weight, GrandioSO Light Flow’s 3-point flexural strength of 151 MPa is an example of how it effortlessly attains physical property values much higher than traditional flowables that often have lower fill rates and higher viscosities.

GrandioSO Light Flow allows the practitioner new options in performing precise, minimally invasive dentistry without compromising the quality and longevity of the restorations. GrandioSO Light Flow comes with two different sizes of intraoral tips to offer a range of options for each indication.


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