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Hamilton Could be Operating Two Dental Buses to Provide Oral Care to Low Income Seniors Across City

January 14, 2020
by Hamilton News

As poverty levels expand into suburban and rural areas of Hamilton, public health staff acknowledge they need to “re-think” how a new dental health bus will service seniors in the city’s outlying areas.

“Given all the capital requests that have not been approved,” said Jennifer Vickers-Manzin, director of healthy families, “we need to re-think where the dental bus will serve seniors in our community.”

The city’s board of health approved spending Jan. 13 upwards of $687,700 in one-time provincial funding to purchase a new dental bus to provide oral health to adults and seniors in low-income areas. Vickers-Manzin said initially the new bus was supposed to replace the city’s existing aging bus, but because the province didn’t provide the city will all of its capital requests, she said the city may be operating two buses.

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