Health Minister Forces Quebec’s Dental Surgeons to Remain in Public Plan

The Quebec government will force dentists to stay in the public system after they threatened to leave and not provide free services to children under 10 and those who receive social assistance.

This comes after a day of dueling between the two sides as dental surgeons followed through on threats Thursday morning, withdrawing from the public dental plan.

The president of the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec, Serge Langlois, filed the paperwork at 10 a.m., notifying the province of the union’s plans. Langlois met with media afterwards, presenting written testimony from 2,000 dentists who said they were ready to leave the public system should a contract not be reached soon.

Langlois said the tactic is necessary to show their intense displeasure with the government’s latest offer.

“Our patients understand the dentists in this situation,” he said. “They know we work hard when we treat children.”

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