Here Are Your Three Finalists of the 2022 Master Cup! Who Will Win This 5th Edition?

Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are the three countries represented at the 2022 Master Cup award ceremony. Christian von Bukowski, Sebastien Mioranza and Vlad Atanasoaie (listed in alphabetical order) will discover their respective positions and receive more than $70,000 in prizes during the Panthera Dental’s 10th anniversary celebration on September 10.

Quebec (Canada), July 6, 2022. Panthera Dental is proud to announce the three finalists of the 2022 Master Cup. Christian von Bukowski from Germany, Sebastien Mioranza from Switzerland and Vlad Atanasoaie from the United Kingdom (in alphabetical order) will be at Panthera Dental’s 10th anniversary on September 10, where the great winner of the 2022 Master Cup will be announced.

These three finalists will be sharing more than CAD$70,000 in prizes offered by Panthera Dental and the competition partners: VITA, Amann Girrbach, Cendres+Métaux and LMT. Panthera’s Master Cup aims to find the most skilled dental technician, dentist or denturist by having the participants produce a complete dental prosthesis. The participants’ knowledge and skills, function and aesthetics were evaluated by judges Miles Reed Cone, Michael J. Tholey, Bernard Guggisberg, Ioulianos Moustakis (2020 Master Cup winner) and Jeffrey Dugre (replacing Phil Reddington).

“I join the judges and the entire Panthera team in personally congratulating participants Aron Hajdu, Björn Pfeiffer, Jenelle Tabaković, Julia Tymchyshyna and Thanasis Kalogeropoulos for their impressive work,” said Béatrice Robichaud, Co-Founder and Vice-President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Panthera Dental. “We will find out together who the big winner is on September 10, which makes the event all the more exciting! Good luck to the three finalists!”

Christian von Bukowski, Sebastien Mioranza and Vlad Atanasoaie win a trip to Québec City, Canada to participate in Panthera’s 10th anniversary celebration. On the agenda for this unforgettable event: a unique visit of the 4.0 factory, appetizers and cocktails, animation, entertainment, surprises, not to mention meeting partners, industry experts and the entire Panthera team behind the last decade of success.
Meet the finalists and discover the winner in person:

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Thanks to our valued sponsors: VITA, Amann Girrbach, Cendres+Métaux and LMT

About Panthera Master Cup

The Panthera Master Cup is a contest open to any dental technician, dentist or denturist who wants to compete with the best. Knowledge and skills are evaluated on a full upper and lower case involving implant bars. Each contestant must include documentation with their final submission. A jury composed of a group of experts in the field uses a predetermined criteria list to evaluate all cases and select the first three winners. For more information:

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