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HIV Fear Over ‘Dirty’ Dental Equipment

May 26, 2019
by BBC News

Hundreds of dental patients have been offered blood tests over fears they could have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis B or C.

Dirty equipment may have been used to treat 563 patients of a former hygienist at Dentality@Hoddesdon.

Public Health England (PHE) said it was investigating “potential breaches of infection control procedures”.

The practice said an independently contracted hygienist had been dismissed following an investigation.

Letters have been sent to all the Hertfordshire practice’s patients who are understood to have received dental ultrasonic scaling from the self-employed hygienist, Ekta Parikh.

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2 Comments » for HIV Fear Over ‘Dirty’ Dental Equipment
  1. Angela Giacomini says:

    We must as a dental community unfortunately treat every patient as if they have infectious diseases to ensure that the next patient doesn’t get the infectious disease.
    It’s a rule we should all live by. If it’s not good enough to go into our mouth it’s not good enough to go in theirs.

    • Joshua says:

      I agree with your Angela. We should always treat every patient that way but we should be very careful that we might hurt their feelings like discriminating. Lets us just do our jobs and practice safety.

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