How OMNICHROMA Can Make Your Practice More Efficient

For most dentists, having reliable, high-quality composites is essential for day-to-day restorations. However, maintaining inventory of composites and the vast variety of shades they come in can be challenging and expensive. Moreover, shade selecting in restorative procedures can often be tiresome and tricky for certain cases.

Tokuyama Dental’s OMNICHROMA streamlines the restorative process and simplifies shade-matching procedures and inventory maintenance. OMNICHROMA is the first one-shade universal composite that matches every patient, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite. Its innovative technology is the culmination of 35 years of research and development by Tokuyama Dental.

OMNICHROMA’s technology is made possible by its Smart Chromatic Technology and uniform sized 260nm spherical fillers. The fillers are the exact size and shape necessary to create red-to-yellow color, which is the precise color range that human teeth fall in. The fillers generate a red-to-yellow color that then combines with the color of the surrounding dentition, generating a perfect match with no added dyes or pigments.

OMNICHROMA can offer doctors a significant amount of time and money savings. Currently in the dental industry, doctors need to maintain inventory of several varieties of composite brands and shades in order to match every patient’s tooth. Oftentimes, different shades of composite have to be layered to produce a perfect match for a tooth. Rarely used composite shades are kept in inventory in the case that a patient may come in with an uncommon tooth shade. Yet these composite shades often end up unused, expiring, and getting thrown out. With OMNICHROMA, doctors no longer need to maintain such a large inventory of composites. Since OMNICHROMA works with every tooth shade, from A1 to D4 and beyond, incidental and rarely used shades will no longer have to be kept on hand. OMNICHROMA can ease the burden of composite inventory maintenance and become doctors’ new go-to universal composite.

OMNICHROMA also saves doctors time by reducing the need for shade selecting. According to a recent survey, about 52 percent of doctors spend 30 to 60 seconds shade-matching in restorative procedures. Using 1 minute as an average and noting that the typical dentist restores 23 caries a week, that adds up to a time savings of almost 20 hours per year by using OMNICHROMA. OMNICHROMA gives this time back to dentists, eliminating the need for shade selecting.

OMNICHROMA makes dental practices more efficient in countless ways, whether that’s through simplified inventory management or streamlined restorative procedures. Its technology will save dentists time and money while giving doctors and patients alike ease of mind with beautiful, esthetic restorations.

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