How To Do a Patient Video Message

The importance of addressing and communicating with your patients today is more critical than ever. Isolation can feel depressing, and the fear of the unknown only makes it worse. Now is the time to let your patients know that you are there for them! Click here for our past post on staying in contact with your patients during isolation, and click here for an example video.

One of the most impactful ways to deliver this message to your patients is by video. Our marketing partner, Ripe Resolution, has put together a few helpful tips on how to create a patient video message for your dental practice.

Here is a step by step on how to deliver your message:

1. Open with a greeting and state your name, who you are and the name of your clinic.

2. Speak to the shutdown because of the virus as determined by your respective college. (This was not your choice!)

3. State your commitment to your patient’s health and let them know if you are taking care of emergencies in your clinic.

4. Discuss the short term and long term. What at-home advice can you give? Let them know you will continue to touch base over the long term.

5. Close with a compassion statement and your mission statement. I.e. We are here for you. How to contact you if they have questions.

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