Hu-Friedy Launches Exclusive Subscription Sharpening Service for Busy Dental Professionals

Hu-Friedy, the global leader in dental instrument manufacturing and infection prevention solutions, today announced the launch of EverCare, a new subscription-based scaler sharpening service for dental professionals that demand peak performance from their Hu-Friedy instruments.

Even the highest quality dental scalers and curettes lose their sharp edges with use, which can strain the joints and muscles of hygienists, increase patient discomfort, and complicate calculus removal. Dental practices should sharpen their instruments regularly, but many often fall behind due to demanding schedules and uncertainty about the proper way to sharpen.

The patient is a hygienist’s top priority. Any time spent away sharpening instruments decreases the amount of time caring for patients. Hu-Friedy estimates the cost for one hygienist to spend just one-hour sharpening per week can cost a practice as MUCH as $11,650 per year. EverCare takes the time-consuming task of sharpening out of the hands of hygienists. Less time spent sharpening instruments maximizes a hygienist’s time, enabling them to get back to their top priority.

“Hygienists are being asked to do more for their patients in less time. As the daily responsibilities of hygienists just keep piling up, they are also expected to find time to sharpen their instruments. And yet sharp instruments are of critical importance for dental practices,” said Stacie Barth, Senior Director, Global Strategic Business Unit – Periodontal and Diagnostics of Hu-Friedy. “We created EverCare to give hygienists their time back and to help dental practices deliver better care and become more profitable by improving efficiency. Our innovations in the areas of metallurgy and scaler manufacturing with EverEdge have developed a product that stays sharper longer. Even with these advancements, it remains important for clinicians to sharpen their instruments to improve performance and gain the added benefit of extending their useful life.”

Practices can easily join EverCare online, choosing among six flexible membership levels, including pay-as-you-go and all-inclusive options. Submitting a request for sharpening takes minutes, and shipping is fast and free—with a turnaround time of just 3 ½ days once the instruments are received at Hu-Friedy. Instruments are returned to top condition by Hu-Friedy’s expert artisans who have an average of 30 years of sharpening experience. Meanwhile, real-time status updates keep practices informed of exactly what is happening with their instruments, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience.

EverCare is an exclusive sharpening service for users of Hu-Friedy scalers and curettes. To learn more, choose from flexible pricing options, and enroll in the service, dental professionals should visit

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