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IDS Specials at Dentsply Sirona’s Booths for Experts, Collectors and Individualists

March 5, 2019
by Dentsply Sirona

As part of their daily work, dentists and dental technicians have to master many challenges in their profession. They are required to demonstrate manual skills, knowledge of human nature, an ability to concentrate, and an ability to improvise that should not be underestimated. In addition, there are numerous administrative tasks, such as preparing invoices, filing sales tax returns, maintaining the practice website, and familiarizing themselves with new laws or regulations. The daily routines of dentists and dental technicians are extremely complex. They have one profession, but this entails thousands of jobs. Dentsply Sirona is looking at ways to simplify these daily routines with suitable solutions and to help ensure greater enjoyment at work.

This can be achieved in close cooperation with dentists and dental technicians, and with an increased understanding of the complex daily routines and the needs of the individual users.

Personalized poster for 1,000 jobs in practices and labs
Dentsply Sirona is launching a survey for the IDS, “1 profession. 1000 jobs.” Those interested in participating in the survey can do so at all Dentsply Sirona trade show booths via a touchscreen interface or online at 1profession1000jobs.com. As a thank you, participants receive their own customized infographic by email and, if requested, as a poster by mail.

Chatting with experts and “duck hunting”
Dentists and dental technicians interested in certain products or workflows can obtain answers from the Dentsply Sirona experts at the trade show booths in halls 10.2 and 11.2. These “collectors and hunters” among the visitors are given a small rubber duck from Dentsply Sirona for each consultation: Each duck is equipped with a piece of dental equipment and represents the stand’s respective topic. The lovingly designed ducks are real collectors’ items among aficionados, however, they are limited in number. The campaign kicks off with a video film released on Dentsply Sirona’s social media channels, which accompanies the ducks on their journey from Bensheim to Cologne. The “duck hunt” adds even more fun to the trade show visit.

For a touch of luxury in your practice
The treatment center is the basis for a seamless workflow in the practice, making it the focal point of the treatment room. The design of the center makes a significant contribution towards successful patient care – so that the dentist, the practice team and the patient all feel equally confident and at ease, and the feel-good factor is just right. The exclusive esthetics of the Dentsply Sirona treatment centers are an expression of their inherent high functional quality and future reliability.

The limited “Gold Edition” of the Teneo treatment center offers a touch of luxury. With carbon-colored Lounge upholstery, gold stitching, gold accents and a gold embroidered headrest, this impressively designed beauty is likely to be the focal point of every dental practice, giving practitioners and patients a great deal of joy in every respect. This special limited edition design can be ordered directly from the trade show stand.

“We cannot relieve dentists and dental technicians from all their additional jobs, but we can help them organize their actual profession in such a way that it promises success and even more fun,” emphasizes Walter Petersohn, Chief Commercial Officer at Dentsply Sirona: “We are working every day to make sure that our products offer that little bit extra to make work easier and more enjoyable for dentists and dental technicians.”

Dentsply Sirona at the IDS 2019:
“Inspired by your needs” is the banner under which Dentsply Sirona will redefine dentistry at the IDS 2019. Innovative technologies and equipment for practices and labs, and simpler, more clinically safe solutions – dentists and dental technicians can look forward to all this and special trade show terms from March 12 to 16, 2019 in halls 10.2 and 11.2.

Visit our website www.dentsplysirona.com/ids.

Due to different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.

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