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Insurer Says It Will Pay Dentists’ Claims for Pandemic Coverage

April 1, 2020
by The Globe and Mail

Aviva Canada CEO Jason Storah says the insurance company will “stand by” its pandemic coverage for dentists who followed provincial orders to close down their practices because of the outbreak of COVID-19.

The reassurance to the dental community comes two weeks after provincial dental associations “strongly recommended” that thousands of dentists immediately suspend all non-essential and elective or routine services for patients.

But after submitting claims with Aviva for business interruption insurance – which includes pandemic coverage – many dentists were left in the dark about whether their policies would be honoured, with several dentists told it was highly unlikely because they shut their offices down voluntarily.

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3 Comments » for Insurer Says It Will Pay Dentists’ Claims for Pandemic Coverage
  1. Aviva proudly boasts to dentists that
    they provide “safe and reliable coverage” on its website,,,
    But one would have to question their sales pitch after the two weeks of antics and oral hyjinx Aviva made us endure through their reluctance to make a decision.
    Perhaps they were hoping, no praying, for some divine intervention that would have ended the pandemic?
    But, after two weeks of lollygagging
    and hiding in the weeds, they came out to finally put the matter to rest.
    Now, we’re all waiting anxiously for the proverbial “cheque in the mail”
    which should prove to be another hurdle,,, if previous experience is indicative,,,
    When this matter is all said and done,
    Aviva, keep this in mind,,,hell hath no scorn like a group of dentists scorned,,
    Your reputation may now be blemished beyond repair.

  2. Sorry,
    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention
    Renata Whiteman with the CDSPI
    who worked tirelessly throughout this
    stressful situation.
    She was the only honest link I had to ask questions and get honest answers.

  3. Cliff Leachman says:

    Insurance is great to have until you need to use it….

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