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Introducing a Reusable N95 Mask with No Exhalation Valve

February 22, 2021
by Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.

2021 Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, has announced the new ComfortAir®NxMD, the latest development for medical applications such as hospitals, clinics and EMS.

New design saves thousands of dollars vs disposables

Mr. Dente remarked, “we have designed our ComfortAir®NxMD half mask without an exhalation valve for doctors, nurses, front line workers and first responders. This mask is reusable and can be sanitized after ever patient visit so there is no wasteful (read expensive) disposable mask to discard. In addition to huge cost-savings, the ComfortAir®NxMD half mask can be fit-tested, then fit checked each time the mask is donned. Workers and patients are better protected. Filters available are both N95 and P100. The ComfortAir®NxMD is also NIOSH approved.

ID possible

White masks can have identification marked on it so that wearers don’t pick up the wrong mask and patients can experience a more personal approach. As the mask is an elastomeric half mask, the airtight seal prevents glasses from fogging up and the best protection possible.

Reliable supply

We have ramped up our manufacture of masks in Kansas in order to meet the growing demands for respirators that protect against COVID-19.

For more detail, go to www.dentecsafety.com

About Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.

Dentec Safety Specialists presents industry with safety solutions, completely supported by PPE (personal protection equipment) training through the sales and service of 13 different product lines including; head protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, first aid, industrial cutting tools, lens cleaning, skin protection, protective apparel, disposable clothing, hydration solutions, eye wash and eye/face protection.

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