Introducing a Reusable N95 NIOSH Approved Respirator WITHOUT an Exhalation Valve

In response to a global shortage of respiratory PPE for healthcare and industrial frontline workers … Dentec became part of a revolution to reinvent the reusable respirator. Dentec Safety
is proud to announce that they have been awarded a portion of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response contract
for their reusable elastomeric respirator without an exhalation valve to protect the healthcare and frontline workers.

2021 Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, has announced the new Comfort-Air®Nx (industrial) and the Comfort-Air®NxMD (healthcare), the latest development for front line worker applications. Now healthcare professionals and industrial workers can have both better personal protection and source control as the wearer’s breathing is filtered equally inhaling and exhaling.

New design saves thousands of dollars vs disposables
Mr. Dente remarked, “we have designed our Comfort-Air®Nx and the Comfort-Air®NxMD half masks without an exhalation valve for workers who change out their disposables often. These masks are reusable and can be sanitized after heavy use so there is no wasteful (and expensive) disposable mask to discard. Realistically, the reusable respirator can replace a dozen disposables per day, per worker or more.”

This new generation respirator may be used in place of disposable respirators to reduce cost and waste. Using our Comfort-Air®NxMD series respirator without an exhalation valve will reduce cost and waste by more 70% – 90%. The Comfort-Air®NxMD is finally a safer, more comfortable, less expensive and more sustainable solution.

New design provides infinitely greater protection vs disposables
In addition to huge cost-savings, the Comfort-Air®Nx and the Comfort-Air®NxMD half masks can be fit-tested, then fit checked each time the mask is donned. Workers are better protected as the mask provides an airtight seal. Filters available are both N95 and P100. The Comfort-Air®Nx and the Comfort-Air®NxMD are also NIOSH approved.

The Comfort-AirNxMD® respirator provides an airtight seal and filters the air when you breathe in and out providing superior source control protection. The facepiece is made of a unique elastomeric formulation that provides superior comfort and eliminates face rash and acme associated with wearing disposable respirators and surgical masks.

Reliable supply
We have ramped up our manufacture of masks in Lenexa, Kansas in order to meet the growing demands for respirators that protect against most contaminants. All raw materials are also manufactured in the United States. The Comfort-Air®NxMD is a North American made product, made with North American hands to protect our North American healthcare and frontline workers.

About Dentec Safety Specialists Inc.:

Dentec Safety is a leading manufacturer and distributor of safety products in the North America since 2004. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada with a manufacturing facility in Lenexa, Kansa, Dentec Safety is dedicated to providing the highest quality safety products and solutions delivering enhanced value and comfort. Our expertise from decades of experience in Industrial Safety and our innovative design technologies have solidified us as thought leaders in the field. Protection and comfort are at the core of everything we do at Dentec. As a leading manufacturer of Safety Solutions, it is our mission to help organizations do the right thing, keep their employees safe and exceed Industry Health & Safety Standards.

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