Joint Statement from the Oral Health Professions Regulators

The CDHO has partnered with Ontario’s oral health regulatory Colleges to produce the following statement on fallow times and closed operatories. This statement is endorsed by:

  • Glenn Pettifer – Registrar/CEO, CDHO
  • Roderick Tom-Ying – Acting Registrar/CEO, CDO
  • Dan Faulkner – Registrar/CEO, RCDSO
  • Judy Rigby – Registrar/CEO, CDTO

Ontario’s oral health regulatory Colleges (Dental Hygienists, Denturists, Dentists, and Dental Technologists) have partnered to provide consistent infection prevention and control guidance for COVID-19 and its variants across the oral health professions. Collectively, we focus on the public interest and regularly monitor and update guidance for oral health care settings, as necessary.

View the full update.

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