Keating Dental Lab Introduces Exciting New Episodes of its Highly Entertaining “Dental Up!” Podcast as well as its Newly Established “Case of the Week” Educational Video Series for Dentists

Produced and hosted by Dr. Mike DiTolla, “Dental Up!” and “Case of the Week” are free, educational, and instructional content available to dentists worldwide by Keating Dental Lab

Keating Dental Lab has signed Dr. Mike DiTolla, accomplished dental educator and one of dentistry’s most entertaining speakers, to host its legacy “Dental Up!” weekly podcast, as well as direct and produce Keating’s new “Case of the Week” video series.

“Most dental podcasts feature dentists talking to other dentists about why they are so awesome at dentistry. Fair enough, but do we really need another one?” asks DiTolla. “One man has the courage to say NO! and it’s me. I’m the one man, in case that wasn’t clear.” Always looking to provide some levity in a profession as stressful as dentistry, Mike’s humor drives the podcast and its segments.

As host, Mike is fascinated by the personal and professional stories that dentists bring to the table. Mike’s guests share stories about their best and worst day as a dentist, their best and worst day as a speaker, and other unexpected, inspirational, and often highly entertaining personal anecdotes.

Keating Dental Lab also signed Dr. DiTolla to produce “Case of the Week” videos, a format Mike popularized 15 years ago that continues to inspire dentists worldwide to send better work to their lab. “Dentists love seeing other dentists’ preps and impressions,” says DiTolla. “The best cases for ‘Case of the Week’ are the ones where the dentist did a lot of things right, but there is still a small issue or two,” explains DiTolla, “This gives Keating Dental Lab the opportunity to show that with personalized service and attention to detail, they can help the dentist get the desired result despite those small issues.”

To listen to the “Dental Up!” podcast, visit this link:

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About Keating Dental Lab

Established in 2002 in Orange County, California, Keating Dental Lab has quickly become one of America’s Top Dental Labs. Known for its committed, personalized customer service, Keating aims to be a natural extension of their customers’ dental practices and as such, a key component of their success, too. Maintaining a 99.9% on-time case delivery, Keating Dental Lab consistently provides customers with the highest quality dental restorations made entirely in the USA, and as Certified Dental Laboratory by the NADL, Keating meets all standards relating to quality assurance, safety, and manufacturing practices. For more information, visit

About Dr. Mike DiTolla

Dr. Mike DiTolla is a graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and was in private practice for 15 years. From 2006 to 2009, Mike led the clinical team that developed and brought BruxZir® Solid Zirconia to market. In 2011 he received the “Most Effective Dentist Educator” award in a nationwide survey of dentists. From 2012–2015 he lectured on behalf of CR (Clinicians Report), presenting their iconic “Dentistry Update” lectures, the longest running CE program in dentistry. In 2015 he became Director of Clinical Affairs for Sirona, and in 2017 he became the VP of Clinical Affairs for AEGIS Communications. He has given over 1,000 lectures worldwide and his online videos have been viewed more than 15 million times by dentists worldwide. To learn more about Dr. DiTolla, visit

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