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Lack Of Toothbrushing For Seniors In Nursing Homes Is A Serious Health Risk

September 18, 2019
by The Conversation

Elderly people in nursing homes often go without a good toothbrushing.

While it might be icky to imagine the horrible way that feels to the oldsters, there are consequences worse than grossness. The mouth and other parts of the oral cavity are a gateway into the body, allowing bacteria inside our bodies that can cause serious disease.

This lack of basic care is big issue for seniors in nursing homes, who number about 1.3 million. It is an example of serious challenges that these facilities face in keeping people healthy. One recent study published in Special Care in Dentistry in 2017 found that only 10.3% of patients  admitted to a nursing home over a five-year period utilized dental services within the home at least once during their stay.

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