Launching At Dentsply Sirona World 2019: The New Orthophos Systems

The new Orthophos Systems provide premium solutions for multiple applications, providing high image quality at a low dose, efficient and reliable diagnoses, and intuitive digital workflows. The Orthophos line offers a flexible solution for any practice to deliver treatment with confidence. 

Improving treatment processes, optimal utilization of digital technologies, and the development of products and solutions that are adaptable to the individual needs of a dental practice, together drive innovation at Dentsply Sirona.

To better suit the needs of practitioners, Dentsply Sirona has introduced a new generation of tailor-made X-ray units: Orthophos E, Orthophos S, and the prized Orthophos SL- each providing a different range of features that allow the practitioner to image, diagnose, and treat (IDT) for higher case acceptance.

“With IDT, practitioners can expand their treatment procedures into implantology, endodontics, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy, and orthodontics,” said Javid Tokhi, Director of Equipment and Technology, “and with several enhanced features, the Orthophos Systems boast peace of mind to both the practice and the patient, ensuring confidence through accurate and fast scans.”

All Orthophos units work seamlessly with the award-winning Sidexis 4 imaging software and provide outstanding image quality with a low dose and optimal user comfort. Due to this diversification, the ideal solution is available to everyone, from new 3D users to experienced practitioners ready to maximize on all of the possibilities with 3D technology.

Orthophos E: The entry point into digital imaging

Orthophos E offers a smooth transition into the world of digital extraoral imaging for greater efficiency in everyday practice. With its panoramic, pediatric panoramic, bitewing and other exposure programs, the Orthophos E is equipped with all the basic programs for the 2D diagnostic process. Its MultiPad enables the selection of the program close to the patient. A motorized forehead and temple support serve to stabilize the patient while the integrated temple width measurement makes it possible to automatically select the appropriate orbital curve for outstanding image quality results.

Orthophos S: The versatile 2D/3D option

Orthophos S can be used as a pure 2D solution as well as a combined 2D/3D device. Thanks to the optimal cephalometric arm, it is also suitable for orthodontic practices. Orthophos S achieves reliable contrast in panoramic images with its autofocus function. The shape of the arch or the presence of dental anomalies must no longer be manually selected. The patented auto-positioner supports automatic positioning of the patient. Orthophos S is upgradable by adding the 3D option. It offers suitable volumes and modes for a variety of clinical indications, such as a focused high-resolution volume or a volume that displays three-dimensional information over the complete dentition with the dosage range of a 2D image. Various software packages are available to expand practice procedures, like implant, endo, sleep, and upper airway management.

Orthophos SL: The most versatile 2D/3D imaging system

Orthophos SL is the comprehensive diagnostic solution for digital imaging. The SL comprises a innovative range of equipment with the Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) and Sharp Layer (SL) technology catering to all users with the highest requirements for panoramic and 3D imaging in their daily practice routine. The patented auto-positioner assists with automatically positioning the patient, thus enabling reproducible and perfectly positioned panoramic images. Depending on the clinical situation, extensive 2D programs and a range of volume sizes (Ø5cm x 5cm to Ø11cm x 10cm) in high definition (HD), standard definition (SD), and low-dose mode are available to the user. MARS (Metal Artifact Reduction Software) reduces artifacts for the best possible image interpretation by automatically detecting metals in each volume. Users can choose from 30 ambient light colors that provide background illumination, creating a comfortable, memorable space for your practice and your patients. The modern design was selected for a Red Dot Design Award and an iF Design Award.

“With the new Orthophos Systems, we have developed an offering that facilitates both the entry into the world of digital imaging and extensive use in offices practicing various disciplines,” said Jörg Haist, Vice President Global Platform Management Equipment & Instruments at Dentsply Sirona. “This way, we can respond to the specific needs of our customers and even more dentists will have access to high-quality X-ray technology and thus to more reliable diagnoses and treatments.”

About Dentsply Sirona

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