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A Lesson Learned in Office Safety and Nitrous Oxide

September 6, 2016
by Mohit Priyadarshi, Inquisitr

An elderly Ohio man shot himself at the dentist’s office after mistaking a pistol for his phone while under the influence of nitrous oxide, according to ABC affiliate WKRN-TV.

James White, a 72-year-old man living in Clark County, Ohio, went to the New Carlisle Dental Group for a routine dental check up this past week. As is the common practice, his dentist put him under the influence of nitrous oxide, also known as the laughing gas, which is used to sedate patients before certain procedures. The effects of nitrous oxide include light-headedness and a general tingling in arms and legs. But sometimes, as it turned out in White’s case, laughing gas can also prove dangerous, especially when it is administered when patients are carrying their guns with them.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the Ohio man’s phone rang while he was sitting in the dental chair. Feeling woozy, the septuagenarian grabbed his pistol instead of his phone and fired off a round that struck his hand and grazed the left side of his stomach.

To view the full story, please visit: http://www.inquisitr.com/3481174/ohio-man-under-the-influence-of-nitrous-oxide-at-the-dentists-office-shoots-himself-with-a-pistol-thinking-its-his-phone/

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  1. Dr Catherine McGregor says:

    This isn’t a nitrous safety issue. It is a gun safety issue. Lucky he didn’t shoot the assistant or dentist. Leave your guns at home, Buckeyes !

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