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Man Pulls Out His Own Tooth with Pliers After 18-Month Wait to See NHS Dentist

January 29, 2019
by Ross McGuinness, Yahoo News UK

A man says he pulled out his own tooth after waiting 18 months for an NHS dentist.

David Woodhouse, 62, from Ventongimps, near Truro, Cornwall, claimed he couldn’t get a place at the dental surgery near his home.

“I had a loose one and it was causing me a little bit of pain, so I got the needle-nose pliers and out it came,” he told the BBC.

“The removal itself was considerably less painful than the long-term pain I was experiencing.

“I’m not looking forward to the next tooth coming loose, I may have to consider a bank loan to go private, but why should I?

“I feel so embarrassed as well, it would be nice to eat an apple or a steak again one day.”

Mr Woodhouse, an engineer, said he used to go for regular check-ups at his local dentist but lost his place after returning from a period working abroad.

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