maxill Introduces Packard Healthcare PPE Product Line.

maxill inc has announced the release of a new personal protective product line, Packard Healthcare following increasing demand for quality PPE. The line will feature nitrile gloves and disposable gowns at affordable prices.

The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has fluctuated greatly during the pandemic. Disposable gloves and gowns have been a crucial component of required PPE for healthcare professionals. Even though the pandemic has slowed down, the impact on the market has not ceased. Healthcare expenditure has also been growing and will continue to grow (according to a recent report from Market Forecast), especially as the case rate of chronic and infectious diseases rises. Surgeries and procedures that require PPE are expected to become more and more commonplace, including in dental procedures. Governmental and agency-based policy changes regarding employee safety will also have a significant impact on the market.

‘To meet the growing need of nitrile gloves and disposable gowns we have made further investment in quality PPE for healthcare professionals’ insert someone’s name. ‘We have been working hard during the global pandemic to ensure that our clients have what they need to work the frontlines. We have been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, with a focus on dentistry. So, we understand the challenges our clients have balancing best practices in Infection Prevention and Control and their budget. Our new Packard Healthcare line is in response to the growing need for quality PPE at everyday affordable prices. Here at maxill, we will always be working toward solutions that our clients face so that they can continue to focus on providing the best patient care possible.’

maxill is committed to developing quality PPE that medical professionals can depend on, especially during uncertain times. That is why they are releasing a new line of everyday PPE, Packard Healthcare. The Packard Healthcare line was developed to answer the call for quality disposable PPE at affordable prices. maxill’s Packard Healthcare line will feature high-quality, disposable nitrile gloves and gowns made to keep medical professionals safe and protected.

About maxill:

maxill inc. is a professional dental products company. They were founded in 1987 and they maintain their head office in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. With their innovative manufacturer direct business model, maxill produces unique, cost-effective, timesaving, quality products. maxill continually invests significantly in new product innovations and always has a strong new product pipeline going. Their unique maxill branded products are quality guaranteed. For over 30 years they have been servicing the North American dental community reliably and successfully. As their product and customer base continues to grow each week, they are thrilled to continue to provide their customers with the quality products and service their customers have grown to trust. Visit for more information about maxill and its products.