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McGill Faculty of Dentistry Accused of Harassment, Sexual Assault

January 23, 2018
by The McGill Tribune

McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry has come under scrutiny following a Dec. 14 CBC report on student allegations of harassment and sexual assault by multiple professors and employees. A former McGill student reported having been sexually assaulted by a dentist at the University in November 2016 and another student filed a case claiming psychological harassment and bullying by seven Dentistry professors in March 2017.

According to the student who accused a McGill dentist of sexual assault—whose identity remains anonymous—the incident occurred during a mouthguard adjustment which the dentist insisted should take place at their off-campus office. The student later reported to McGill and the Ordre des dentistes du Québec (Quebec Order of Dentists) that the dentist groped her during the operation.

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3 Comments » for McGill Faculty of Dentistry Accused of Harassment, Sexual Assault
  1. Lucio says:

    When I was in dental school more than 25 years ago, a couple of the professors abused us mentally and we just had to grin and bear it.
    Sad that it is still happening but good that something is being done about it. Power hungry abusers should not be allowed to teach in any capacity.
    By the same token, the majority of great teachers should be given more prominence and recognition for their tireless efforts to help us become better human beings.

  2. Hello to all interested parties:
    I read with interest about the situation at McGill. I am reminded of a situation when I was in dental school at the U of Iowa many years ago. Awards were being handed out to the Masters and PhD students in the Physics Department. One student from overseas felt the process to get a certain award he wanted and felt he deserved was not transparent enough. When he did not get the award he felt he deserved, little or no explanation was given to him so he took matters into his own hands. He walked down the streets of Iowa City with a full length shotgun in plain view for several blocks. He walked into the Physics building and barged in to a Physics faculty and staff meeting and proceeded to send all of the staff and faculty in attendance to the next world with the shotgun, as well as himself. He reloaded twice as he accomplished all of this. And this happened supposedly because of lack of transparency and a perceived or possibly real injustice. I am not saying this will happen at McGill or even could, but it happened at U of Iowa and was devastating to many families. When students or others are not heard and officials hide behind administrative policy, it can be exceptionally dangerous. Vigilante action happens when “the system” is perceived to not be working. McGill needs to come out in the open. Hiding behind legal issues is hiding. To not make this transparent is to ask for trouble–and it could be serious trouble.

  3. Sam The Great says:

    She should have punched him in the face at the time.

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