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MMG Fusion Announces the Launch of its Virtual Office Assistant with Unified Communications and Task Manager Tools

February 15, 2020
by MMG Fusion

Unified Communications gives dental practices unprecedented ability to collaborate and connect both externally with patients and internally with staff.  Task Manager acts as a Virtual Office Assistant working to prioritize, streamline, and disseminate daily tasks to staff members.

MMG Fusion, the all-in-one software suite working to Market, Manage, and Grow dental practices, has released their Unified Communication and Task Manager tools. Two of four products being released within the new MMG Manage suite of services acting as a Virtual Office Assistant for practices.

Unified Communication, and its optional AI powered upgrade Task Manager, were designed, tested, and continually improved by dentists and dental staff within MMG Fusion’s affiliated San Francisco group practice. Unified Communications replaces the practice’s hardware phone system with an advanced VOIP system capable of helping staff better connect and collaborate externally with patients, and internally with each other. Going far beyond other communication tools on the dental market, Unified Communication uses artificial intelligence to capture important patient data directly from the web chat feature and load it into the patient record. The patient record is then converted into a patient pop that is automatically presented anytime the patient is being communicated with.

“The ability to quickly and accurately access patient information with the Patient Pop and then translate that information into effective action among the staff is what makes the unified communication tool so powerful,” said Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “When office staff have the ability to log and access important patient information, collaborate on a patient through chat, 2-way text or call a patient, or monitor and assign tasks, the entire practice runs more efficiently and the patient has the best possible experience.”

The Task Manager tool’s primary function is to use artificial intelligence to prioritize, streamline, and disseminate daily office tasks to team members using the Unified Communications system. Acting as a virtual office assistant the task manager creates tasks such as patient follow up, or insurance verification and then assigns each task to the relevant team member. Once assigned, the Task Manager will monitor the task through to its completion, ensuring that no task goes unfinished and the office is running as efficiently as possible.

When combined with the AI driven task manager the unified communication tool becomes an invaluable tool for improving efficiency. As the task manager determines which daily or weekly tasks must be completed it disseminates these tasks to various team members. This gives the team a central location to collaborate and ensures that all necessary tasks are assigned, tracked, and completed. Inefficient communication with patients and within the office can lead to increased churn, missed appointments, and lower patient satisfaction. MMG Fusion solves these problems by replacing the office phone, text, and chat systems with one intelligent Unified Communication tool.

“The ability to create and assign tasks, and even complete many simple tasks automatically, makes the Task Manager the central brain and the force multiplier of the MMG Manage Suite.” said Paul Intlekofer, CEO of MMG Fusion. “MMG Fusion’s clients have found that the addition of the task manager reduces overhead, improves efficiency, reduces human error or oversight, and improves the patient experience by freeing up staff to focus on patients in the office.

Any MMG Fusion tool that a practice chooses to add, such as MMG’s Reputation Management tool becomes vastly more powerful and effective when managed by the artificial intelligence of the Task Manager.  For example, when paired with Reputation Management the Task Manager ensures that at the completion of a visit the front desk is sending or requesting surveys, reviews, and referrals. A software tool is only effective when properly used and the Task Manager ensures that every tool a practice pays for is used to its fullest potential.”

About MMG Fusion

Founded in 2016, MMG Fusion is dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions that help dentists build thriving practices by making front office management and practice marketing simple and intuitive. MMG Fusion is the recipient of four Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards. The MMG Fusion suite of tools, available as all-in-one integrated systems or as separate modules provides management of online marketing, search optimization, social media marketing, online reputation management, patient communications, and engagement, call recording and tracking, schedule optimization and ROI assessment.  MMG Fusion is a cloud-based software as a service offering that integrates seamlessly with practice management software presenting information via a single streamlined dashboard interface. Visit www.mmgfusion.com for more information.

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