New Bioactive Cement Works with Natural Tooth Structure to Protect Marginal Integrity

Dentsply Sirona introduces new Calibra® Bio Bioceramic luting cement. Calibra® Bio cement’s new bioactive chemistry works naturally with the tooth structure to form a self-repairing layer of hydroxyapatite (HA) for improved marginal integrity. And its unique Calcium Aluminate Ionomer (CAIO) chemistry delivers seamless adaptation towards the tooth structure at the cement-tooth
interface. It has been shown that Calibra Bio Cement reduces microleakage.

Fig. 1: Calibra Bio® Bioceramic luting cement
Fig. 1: Calibra Bio® Bioceramic luting cement

Self-Repairing HA Layer
Calibra® Bio cement’s unique chemistry has been shown to form hydroxyapatite (HA) when exposed to saliva in the oral environment. The HA creates a layer that continuously self-repairs if any damage occurs.

Seamless Adaptation
When Calibra® Bio cement reacts with water, calcium aluminate particles in the cement dissolve, releasing calcium and aluminate ions. When the level of calcium and aluminate ions reaches a sufficient concentration, hydrates crystallize around remaining CA particles, creating a seamless adaptation towards the tooth structure at the cement-tooth interface.

Simplicity and Ease of Use
Calibra® Bio cement makes it easier to achieve successful results.

  • No priming or bonding agent is needed, saving time and steps
  • Works well with Zirconia, with retentive strength comparable to self-adhesive resin-based cement, better than typical RMGIs
  • Good flowability and consistency with low expansion and no shrinkage
  • Easy cleanup that you have come to expect from Calibra® cements

Clinically Proven
A three-year study shows excellent marginal integrity, no marginal discolorations, no subject sensitivity, no secondary caries, and no loss of retention over time.

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