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New Curaprox Toothbrushes & X-PUR Opti-Rinse’s Available at London Drugs Pharmacies

December 22, 2021
by Oral Science

Oral Science is pleased to announce that London Drugs pharmacies, a leading Canadian retail pharmacy chain based in Richmond, British Columbia, which has 78 stores in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, will now expand its offering of Curaprox & X-PUR products.

London Drugs will now carry:

  • X-PUR 0.05% Opti-Rinse, mint flavour, 500ml
  • X-PUR 0.05% Opti-Rinse, grape flavour, 1L
  • X-PUR 0.2% Opti-Rinse, mint flavour, 1L
  • Curaprox Velvet
  • Curaprox CS5460 3-pack
  • X-PUR NaF Gel, 120ml tube
  • X-PUR Cari0 Junior, bubble gum flavor

This is in addition to the products it was already offering it’s clients:

  • X-PUR 0.05% Opti-Rinse, grape flavour, 500ml
  • X-PUR 0.2% Opti-Rinse, mint flavour, 500ml
  • Curaprox 5460 toothbrush
  • Curaprox Smart toothbrush
  • Curaprox Baby toothbrush
  • X-PUR Gums & Pastilles 100% Xylitol
  • XyliMelts adhering pastilles
  • Gengigel

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