New Mobile App Rewards Good Dental Habits with “Dentacoin”

Dentacare is the second developed tool, serving the mission of Dentacoin, after the successfully launched Trusted Review Platform.

The Dentacare Mobile app aims to form long-lasting dental care habits through an intensive 3-month program in an engaging gamified environment. Through reminders, notifications, voice navigation, music accompaniment and tutorials, users are supported on the road to improving their dental hygiene and thus, form healthy habits. According to the Australian Dental Association, it is known that more than 90% of all dental problems nowadays can be prevented through regular check-ups, proper oral care and adequate nutrition.

The basic initial program of DentaCare mobile app lasts for 3 months, as it is considered that this is the time slot needed for a certain activity to be permanently integrated into the daily routine of an individual and become a habit. Only after maintaining a proper routine for a 3-month period, users will be rewarded with Dentacoin tokens, which they can later use for paying for dental services, dental care products, Dentacoin Assurance, or they can store them or trade on exchange platforms and thus, benefit from the expected value multiplication.

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