Ontario Dental Association Asking Province to Invest in Public Dental Programs

Going to the dentist can be very expensive if you don’t have a dental plan, which is why the Ontario Dental Association is asking the Ford government to invest in public dental programs.

Dr. David Stevenson is the President of the ODA who said dental health can be just as important as your physical health, but due to costs some people are forgoing seeing the dentist.

“They end up seeing an emergency room doctor for a tooth pain or a gum problem and they’re not getting the care they need.”

Which results in unnecessary costs on the healthcare system. Dr. Stevenson said dentists are covering some of the cost in running their practices in order to treat as many people they can.

“We’re more than happy to donate our time, donate our expertise, but what happen with the lack of funding, or the stagnate funding over the decades, is dentist are now actually paying to treat these people. So we’re actually subsidizing this.”

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