Oral Health’s Top 10 Dental News Stories of 2019

2019 was another busy year for the Oral Health Group and as the year wraps up, it is a perfect time to reflect. Oral Health underwent a complete redesign, which debuted in the April edition and has since received rave reviews. The team at Oral Health published another special 13th issue, which focused on the future of dentistry – students! Included with our November 2019 issue of Oral Hygiene was The Hygienist Handbook ­– a guide to help hygienists excel in their careers. We also embarked on our second-year of Data Driven Dentistry, this time focusing on patient opinions (be sure to look out for Data Driven Dentistry Part 3 in 2020!) Lastly, we’ve revamped our Instagram account and are now providing our followers with daily content!

The dental world was just as busy as we were, creating several buzzworthy headlines that you have been reading throughout the year. Whether you’ve tuned in from our website, e-Newsletters or Twitter, these are the top 10 news articles that had you clicking to read more!

10. Hygienists Are Ditching Dentists’ Offices To Set Up Their Own Clinics

A story about an Alberta hygienist and business owner starts off the countdown. More and more hygienists are opting to run their own clinics rather than work for a dentist which provides a variety of perks, including a more flexible schedule.

9. Internal Strife Continues at Dental College as Employees Seek Independent Investigation

A follow-up article to an investigative story that began in 2018 regarding the allegations made by several RCDSO employees, claiming the college had a toxic workplace environment. Bullying in the workplace is never acceptable but especially when it’s from those who we should be able to trust most in the community.

8. Periodontal Disease Bacteria Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

The American Academy of Periodontology shared a study that shows a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Lawsuit Alleges Major Red Flags in Yuma Boy’s Death Following Dental Visit

This article focused on the unfortunate death of a 2-year-old boy after a dental procedure led to a lawsuit against Kool Smiles dental clinic.

6. German Dentist Pulls World’s Longest Known Human Tooth

We can’t blame you all for being interested in reading about the world’s longest tooth! The Guinness World Record book gained a new edition this year with the tooth coming in at 1.46 inches.

5. Ontario Dental Patients Told to Get Tested for HIV, Hepatitis

A trend we saw this year was the lack of focus on sterilization in dental practices. Luckily, there were no confirmed cases of diseases spreading, however, we have a recommendation for a New Year’s resolution for all dentists: it is ESSENTIAL to implement accurate and efficient sterilization processes in your office.

4. B.C. Woman Says Unneeded Dental Work ‘Dramatically Altered’ Life, Judge Disagrees

Being unhappy after dental work is a little more serious than just a bad haircut and this woman looked to the courts to find justice after her appointment. Unfortunately for her, the judge dismissed her claim of negligence in the B.C. Supreme Court.

3. ADA Statement on Study Involving Dental Floss

Dental floss had its time in the spotlight when a study found a brand of floss had high levels of a type of PFAS called PFHxS (perfluorohexanesulfonic acid). We all know that dentists have a difficult time explaining the importance of flossing to patients, so thankfully there ended up not being enough evidence found to support the danger of dental floss.

2. Dentist Charged After Alleged Sexual Offences Involving Co-op Student: Police

This story brought a lot of eyes to our site as the #MeToo movement has relevancy in all industries, including dentistry in Canada. In this situation, a dentist took advantage of his position of power by offering money and rewards for sexual services from a student.

1. Vancouver Dental Office Owner Fined $5,000 In Death Of 4-Year-Old

Mykel Peterson sadly died after receiving general anesthesia for a dental treatment. What seemed to shock many of our readers was the low price that had to be paid for the precious life of a 4-year-old boy.

That’s a wrap on 2019! The Oral Health Group would like to thank our dedicated readers for your continued support and wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season and a happy New Year!